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Welcome to a series of DVDs the likes of which you've never seen before! Strong stories, highly charged with erotic content, all presented without Japan's export censorship (as they were intended to be seen). They don't follow a single story. They break all the rules. They are Cool Devices. They arent' for kids, but they might be for you if you have the guts. Welcome to a new world and wash your hands when you're done.





Operation 1: Curious Fruit


Ai sits with her friends enjoying a quiet drink. Then, her world turns on endàbecause she seesàthem. Curious. Excited. Very turned on. And then they're gone. But for reasons even she doesn't understand she has to follow, and her journey takes her to a place she never knew (both physically and emotionally). Discovering something smoldering deep within her very being, she leaves her old self and becomes what she was always destined to be. Admired. Scorned. Worshiped. AbusedàLoved.


Operation 2: Sacred Girl


He is alone in the house left to him by the death of his parents, even though he's only feet away from his little sister. To this sister he's always been much closer than to anyone elseàeven his parents when they were alive. His sister almost realized this. He realized it only too well. He is aloneàexcept for when he's in the nerve center of his domain. From this hidden room, he experiences adults playing and everything else by proxyàcourtesy of many concealed video cameras. Life is only real to him when he sees it on a monitor, and on most of those monitors is his sister.


Operation 3a: Lover Doll


If you've got a rabbit in the cage and a cat coming to visit, the story isn't always about a house full of pets. Well, maybe just not the pets that you normally think ofà


Operation 3b: Winter Swimsuit


That old story of a girl, a sharp box-cutter, a heated pool in the middle of the winterà and a somewhat twisted fellow.


Operation 3c: Enema


Find out how to clear up that occasional irregularity. Hint: It doesn't involve an all-natural fiber therapy.


Operation 4: Kirel


The island looked like an idyllic summer getaway: bathed in sunshine, washed by gentle breezes and filled with colorful butterflies. But, like all visions of paradise, there are traps lying in wait for the unwary. And, like all vacations, there are hidden and sometimes horrible prices to be paid for the brief pleasures. It's long been said that any vacation spot will be eventually overrun by tourists if the word gets out. Funny how this place still looks like a virgin beach with white sand and friendly locals. Maybe those locals are a little too friendlyà







Operation 5: Seek 1


Mariono Ohkura's an öordinary girlöàwell, ôinnocent girlö might be closer to the truth. Naturally, Takayuki Sawawatari (the son of a famous masochistic dominator) and little Saki are going to see just how much fun they can have with her mostly unwilling body. First, they're going to teach her all the ways that her body can give pleasure. Saki and her Takayuki are experts in their field, and soon Marino is doing things she never thought of beforeàactually, more like having things done to her that she never thought of before.


Operation 6: Seek II


SM Queen Saki The problem is that Saki's just not a very nice lady. For this there is a reasonàit seems that Saki no longer understands the difference between pleasure and pain. This was learned at the lap of Takayuki's recently departed father when she was many years younger. Along with Marino from the first story (who will be thrown to the wolves), we see how she mistreats the rest of her acquaintances. Momotomi is whipped into senselessness, and Haruka will get plugged (in one of the most famous scenes in recent memory). If you've seen the images on the Internet from the game, here's your chance to see perhaps the most disturbing DVD of the entire Cool Devices series!


Operation 7: Yellow Star


Her mother has married Mr. Fujisawaàa famous detectiveàa man who is playing his authority for all it's worth. He's involved with some very unpleasant underworld types, and one of his shadier deals is trafficking a unique drug: ôYellow Starö. This chemical compound is the ultimate date-rate drugàit accentuates pleasure while depriving its victims of their will. And, our Mr. Fujisawa has a seemingly unending supplyàand a taste for young womenàparticularly when they are denied by all conventions to him. His new wife is not enough. He must have her at all costs. Again, and againà Character design by Yasuomi Umetsu (Presence and Megaszone 23 part 2).


Operation 8: slave Warrior Maya 1


On this world, unimaginable lightyears from Earth, there is a prophecy of a Druid Warrior who will one day arise and vanquish the evildoers. The legend says that the soldier will appear in the humblest of formsàsuperior to manàor to woman. How can this be? Oh, you'll find outà






Operation 9: Slave Warrior Maya II


Now considerably different than she was before, Maya Misutani is currently enjoying the hospitality of Lord Estilgaràand her new bodypart. She still wants to go home to Earth, and the opportunity comes to attempt an escape. Fail, though, and their punishment will be most severe.


Operation 10: Binding


Masaki Hoshino's on assignmentàand on a trainàand has a vision of a woman he's never met. Awakening, he finds his luggage stolen as well as his wallet. Things go from bad to worse when he departs the train and an earthquake damages parts of the track. The only thing to do is to follow a pleasant woman who is waiting at the stationàHis journey leads him to a monstrous houseàa house with a number of other women living in it. Masaki's immediately popular with the residents (being a writer), but after the sun goes down strange things begin to happen. He sees things that are denied the next day. Things that he is not meant to see.


Operation 11: Fallen Angel Rina

Rina Yuki is a talented and popular (in her own right) Idol Singer. She's got a bright future and a talented manageràwho also happens to be her father. When he one day falls gravely ill, she meets the darker side of the entertainment businessàand discovers she owes favors to people. A lot of favors. Favors for which there is only one way to repay thematically stripped of everything she knew and is taught lesions that she would hardly have believed. Introduced to an enigmatic shadow world, she must become the opposite of what she is àor her father's reputation will be destroyed. Of course, to do this means destroying her own


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