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Vol. 1 

 A boy ..
An alien princess ...
And a war ...

Jinto Lin's life change forever the day that the aline race known as the Abh invade his home planet of Martine. Without firing a shot, the Abh take over, and as the result of a peace settlement.

Jinto suddenly finds himself alien royalty. Now, as a new member of the Abh royalty, Jinto must leave his home and go far away to study and learn about a lifestyle he never imagine or wanted.

Jinto stands ready to conitnue the next phase of his training. And en route, he finaly meets his first Abh, the lovely and confident Lafiel. But she, like all the Abhs, is more than she appears to be.

But there is little time for pleasanteries, as Jinto and Lafiel soon find themselves in the midst of what threatens to become an interstellar war. And this unlikely duo will wind up depending upon each other for their very lives.


Vol. 2 

The Race to Safety Has Begun...

The situation worsens and Jinto finds himself at the center of events he doesn't really understand. Lafiel has been ordered to escort Jinto, a non-combatant civilian to safety before the battle begins. Despite her protests. Lafiel finally agrees and the two set off to warn the Empire of the impeding attack.

As the crew of the Gosroth prepares for what may indeed be their final battle against overwhelming odds. Jinto and Lafiel head toward the Baron Febdash Territory in an attempt to refuel and get word to the main fleet. But the Baron has plans of his own, and he won't allow anyone not event a member of the imperial Star Forces and an imperial Princess to stand in his way.


Vol. 3

Even in War there Happiness..

A civil war erupts in the Febdash Territory, as some of the vassals remain loyal to the sinister Baron and some side with lafiel and the Empire. The Baron, however, refuses to give up and plays one final card...

Afterwards, Lafiel and Jinto resume their fight plan to Sufugnoff. but along the way, they encounter some enemy ships. Alone in an unarmed craft. Jinto and Lafiel don't really stand much of a chance at armed combat. When they land on a nearby planet., they find themselves in a potentiel hostile environment. Lafiel, being an Abh, has never relly spent much time on the ground, and she is uncomfortable and nervous. And, despite Jinto's best attemps to hide Lafiel's true identity, they are soon being hunted by the local authorities and the United Mankind.


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